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Bangkok - the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is a place you can't miss ,if you want to travel to Thailand. But if you know nothing about Bangkok, I'll give you some advice: No.1 TheGrand Palace The Grand Palace, is the Royal Palace of Thailand. The collection of the Grand Palace in Thailand architecture, painting, sculpture and decorative arts of the essence, its style has a distinctive architectural feature of Siam, by the appreciation of visitors from all over the country, known as the "Thailand art". Now, in addition to the Grand Palace for the coronation ceremony and the palace celebration ceremony, it's usually open to the outside world and to become a famous tourist site in Thailand. If you plan a trip to Thailand, the Grand Palace where you’ll don't miss. No.2 WAT PHO WAT PHO is the oldest temple in Bangkok. It's also the largest temple in Thailand. It has more than 220 years of history. There are a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha has length of 46 meters,15 meters tall. It's one of Bangkok's biggest Reclining Buddha, as one of the world's largest Buddha. If you are interested in the Thai religious cultures,it won't let you disappointed. No.3 Chao Phraya River Chao Phraya River is the mother river of Thailand. Along the river is the best way to enjoy the scenery of Bangkok. I suggest you to visit in the evening, because you can see the beautiful night scene in Bangkok, really beautiful! You can experience a different view of the day.