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Although it has been viewed as a forgotten method and reference in counting seasons and days throughout the ancient period, the Mayan Calendar has begun being the focus of attention for doomsday conspiracy and theorists for the past decade. This is because in the mayan calendar end with the world prophecies which is thought to unfold on December, 2012, causing worldwide fear, curiosity and fascination. The ancient Mayans are an indigenous civilization from Central America and had lived millenia ago around Mexico's Yucatan peninsula; a race of people which are far advanced in their studies of astronomy and mathematics and also being highly spiritual. Their advanced knowledge for astronomy in addition to their creativity are evident inside the few surviving pictorial alphabet and drawings and this is proof that this Mayans existed a long time before the Spanish conquistadors had reached the Central Americas.
The Mayans are not extinct. I don't understand the place that the western world go this idea.  Check out the CIA Factbook on Guatemala (Google - cia factbook guatemala) and do the math yourself.  My calculations show there are over 5,000,000 ethnic Maya living in Guatemala alone - that's over 5 million in Guatemala alone.  Add to this the Maya in Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador along with a fairly sizable quantity of supposedly extinct people caught.
As most of us know, 2012 marks the conclusion of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. According to the Mayas, a 5,126-year astronomic cycle ends on December 21, 2012. But as opposed to Hollywood and popular misconception, the entire world won't end in 2012 -- just the Mayan calendar, up to your own calendar ends annually on December 31st.
Space objects strike our planet on a regular basis, but extinction-level impacts occur only once every 100 million years. After the spectacular collision with the Showmaker-levy 9 comet with Jupiter (as well as a host of asteroid-disaster flicks) in the 1990s, NASA set out to map all large near-earth objects. But it appears that you have far fewer potential catastrophes in earths neighbourhood than once thought. "A civilisation-killing asteroid would need to be considered a mile across," says Spahr from the Minor Planet Center. (The space rock that ended the dinosaur era is estimated to have been six times that size.) "There just aren't asteroids that size around," he says. There is, however, a big population of as-yet-undiscovered objects hundreds yards across. One that perform know about, a 300-yard-wide asteroid called 99942 Apophis, will pass inside the orbits of earth satellites in 2029 and can some day strike the globe. "Worst-case scenario?" Spahr says."You hit Los Angeles, kill huge numbers of people, and turn off the whole West Coast."
Astronomically, the Earth, in addition to our entire solar system, is moving into a region with the Milky Way referred to as the plane from the galactic where, on December 21, 2012, it'll enter in to perfect alignment with the center individuals galaxy, currently theorized becoming a <a href="">black hole</a>. Because of this approaching alignment, we have been now globally experiencing geological upheavals beyond the norms of recent history - catastrophic earthquakes, freak storms, severe droughts and even giant sinkholes.