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There seems to be described as a lot of paranoid folks available who feel that the Mayan Calendar and also the end of energy is coming around 2012. As far as I'm concerned, and from all of evidence I can see, it's complete baloney and malarkey. But I'm not gonna sit here and argue with you if you believe you you will come across their demise in 2012, as if you believe that, you only will make it happen. As for myself, and our kids, we are likely to work in 2012 and it is going to certainly be a banner year for us, I can just feel it and I understand it.
<a href="">The Mayans</a> are not extinct. I don't understand the location where the western world go this idea.  Check out the CIA Factbook on Guatemala (Google - cia factbook guatemala) and perform the math yourself.  My calculations show you will find over 5,000,000 ethnic Maya living in Guatemala alone - that's over 5 million in Guatemala alone.  Add to this the Maya in Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador plus you've got a pretty sizable amount of supposedly extinct people running around.
As most of us know, 2012 marks the finish with the Mayan Long Count Calendar. According to the Mayas, a 5,126-year astronomic cycle ends on December 21, 2012. But despite Hollywood and popular misconception, the entire world won't result in 2012 -- only the Mayan calendar, up to our very own calendar ends annually on December 31st.
The traditional Mayas believe in the existence, within everyone,of various sub souls, usually described in quasi-material terms(including 'shadow', 'breath', 'blood', and 'bone'). The loss of a number of sub souls brings about specific diseases (for example cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.) They were very good at natural healing, using herbs and plants in the surrounding jungle to heal and nourish their art remains evident today, though it is dying out as the old <a href="">medicine</a> men spread.
Tied up with the scientific scenario will be the curious idea that a large number of prophecies are typical asserting the approaching end of the world, somewhat in the near future. Foremost among these prophecies isn't less that this much awaited second coming of Christ among Christians which is supposed to be accompanied by worldwide upheavals, a meeting that could likewise be equated for the "end around the globe."