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No matter what your beliefs are, there exists likely to be a transformation in 2012. We are on a time table through the Universe. In the past 16.4 billion years there are particular times when there were a burst of energy from your torsion field flowing from your center of the Universe that transformed our DNA. This has been proven scientifically and spiritually.
Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which is the currently accepted international norm, the Mayan calendar includes a specific beginning and end. While the Gregorian calendar describes the annual cycle of days through which the planet earth involves the sun, the Mayan calendar describes "long time," or perhaps a amount of several years which happens to are the modern present plus the centuries old date in the event the culture's calendar was conceived. You could point out that the Gregorian calendar is cyclic, whilst the Mayan calendar is linear.
Each of us has a vision for your life when we're aligned with the soul's purpose. Our individual vision dovetails straight into other people's visions. When this occurs, we might discover who we are intended to cooperate with to help in manifesting the <a href="">Divine Plan</a>. When we contact the other person and compare elements of our vision, we can see such incredible similarities. Yet, we can also understand the differences in the parts were designed to play.
There are other people who believe instead of the world ending in 2012, individuals will evolve into a a lot more advanced, spiritual race understanding that true reality itself will probably be revealed understanding that the mystery of your time is likewise unlocked. They believe we'll all wake up towards the knowledge that we are spiritual beings using a physical experience on Earth, understanding that that which you call dying is not over getting out of bed following a night-time of sleep and dreams. I rather just like the sound of this theory!
The idea for your team is to manifest an environment with abundance of food, water, and shelter. The team must be in an atmosphere which is suitable to the most prosperous growth to get willing to transform into divine intelligent beings. The idea is to be in an environment its keep is just positive energy. When the transformation happens there will be an instant when you are able choose what your reality is going to be. Choose to deserve and become whatever you choose.