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<a href=""></a>The majority think about Google Drive for simple method to share files with individuals or to function on a single file from different computers. In addition, Google Drive provides for a cost-effective solution to back up most of your present files.
There's 2 types of using Google Drive to aid you backup files:
Create a copy of files you would like to back and move the copies into your computer's Google Drive folder. The copy are going to be synced to if your laptop or computer connects towards the World-wide-web. This method's benefit vital to are usually not changing profession are using other folders on the personal computer. The disadvantage: you should make a copy and move it into your Google Drive folder for it to be backed up.
Move the files you need backed up right into your computer's Google Drive folder. You are able to move entire folders into your Google Drive folder. This method's benefit: When you save a file, it is automatically synced to The disadvantage: Moving files in the Google Drive folder might not match the way you have your computer files organized.
Unlimited Cost-free space for storing
It is possible to store and sync an unlimited quantity of files making use of Google Drive for Free (with a 5 TB per quality limit).
Google Docs (Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, etc.) don't count against your Google Drive file limit.
Files owned by other people and shared along don't count against your Google Drive limit.
It is possible to store just about any form of laptop or computer file within your Google Drive folder.
<a href="">automatic backup usb drive</a> syncing
backup usb automatically Google Drive automatically syncs the files which have been within your computer's (local) Google Drive folder with those stored at
If you are associated with the online world and save a file in the nearby Google Drive folder, the file is automatically synced to
If you're not linked with the web, Google Drive will automatically sync any new or changed files inside your computer's nearby Google Drive folder our next time your computer connects for the World-wide-web.
Additional information
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For total info on Google Drive, go to's Google Drive Support Web page.