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<a href=""></a>AutoVerAutoVer is actually a tiny, straightforward, and surprisingly capable Cost-free <a href="">best live backup software</a> tool. Not simply can this program monitor folders, detecting new and modified files, and backing them up in real time -- it could possibly maintain a library of their prior versions, too.
This software opens having a extremely straightforward interface. No menus, no complex dialogs or status displays, only a four-column table and also a modest toolbar.
Clicking the earliest toolbar button adds a "Watcher", the mechanism AutoVer uses to detect and act on file changes. This could be complex, but Once again it truly isn't: at a minimum, you could just enter a name, a folder to monitor, along with a destination folder. This course immediately picks up on new and modified files, copying them as they appear.
That may nicely have a very performance hit, but AutoVer offers loads of methods to help, with possibilities to save particular file types only (*.docx), ignore others (*.tmp), exclude particular folders or files, Maybe files above a defined size.
Versioning systems can hog a vast volume of disk space, rapidly, but Again this program will give you some control.
By default it saves all file adjustments, in particular, but you can tweak this to avoid wasting only one version in a defined interval.
There's fashionable basic archiving scheme, where versions more than the quantity of days can be deleted or zipped up.
Double-clicking any watcher displays an Explorer-like window and browse to whatever file and version you'll need. There's no Search tool, Regrettably, but it's hassle-free sufficient to use, and once you've located information, it could be opened directly or restored in a few clicks.
In the event that this isn't sufficient, AutoVer even posseses an replacement for run a custom program on Every single file change. It's an exceptionally intelligent move which opens all sorts of Extra possibilities.
You can have this method watch for updates to the log, for instance, the arrival of the download, what about a new crash dump. And then you would possibly run a program or command to send the file somewhere, raise an email alert, reboot your personal machine, whatever fits the circumstances.
AutoVer is an excellent No cost versioning Program, then, nevertheless its alter detection Program has several potential applications. Go examine.