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This question already posseses an answer here: What the heck is the easiest way to keep a folder synchronized with my <a href="">usb sync usb sync usb sync</a> drive? 7 answers
<a href=""></a>In my job we are not guaranteed to keep utilizing the identical pc forever. Also, I must keep the files at arm's reach when traveling. That is screaming a "cloud" solution, but in Brazil mobile connectivity remains a concern, and relying upon organization networks there is Continually the <a href="">firewall</a> and network policy concern, so cloud is no-go.
Well, i began employing a 16GB flash drive to store all my personal and work documents. But My business is afraid someday the thumb drive will die on me and that i will lose everything. Also I have got a difficult time when i forget it in the home and can't access my files.
I really am looking for some utility/script that could run on my house and function computers and whenever I connect the thumb drive, it detects it as my thumb-drive and synchronizes with folders for the laptop or computer, kinda like rsync.
They are the required features:
Securely recognizes the thumb-drive (using a unique "key" file or volume serial numbers)
Update only modified files (no dumb-copying, as it's numerous GB)
If data was modified on both for the thumb-drive plus the pc, ask for which anyone to keep.
I might decide on which folders to sync (don't want to sync the music folder, by way of example)
Non-annoying operation, just require a choice on conflicts if needed (but a progress indicator could well be nice).
Desirable although not needed, are syncing becoming performed automatically before removal (as an alternative to at insertion).
Can there be a ready-made Windows tool with this job? This may be pulled out which includes a batch file but I wanna know if there's something in the marketplace already.
Update for future viewers..
SyncToy is quite beneficial, but offers the flaw of needing Administrator account for installation. I desired to sync with na old XP work pc, with limited permissions. I've settled for Unison . This is the command-line app, but matches all my requirements, and doesn't need being installed.
windows sync usb-flash-drive, Microsoft SyncToy might work for the job.
Desynchronize is freeware and doesn't install (stand-alone)
Doing anything just before detaching the drive is a lot harder, but Desynchronize delivers real-time sync, which must do the trick.
That was fast! SyncToy did the trick, the only real missing feature is the auto-run, but I can implement that simply utilizing a batch. thanks! ?NothingsImpossible Nov 27 '13 at 2:37