November 6, 2017 by
<p>Gossip media TMZ reported that US time Sunday at <a href="">LOLGA</a>  about 2 am, former NBA player Lamar - Odom was found in the VIP room in the Los Angeles nightclub.</p>
<p>The nightclub, called Bootsy Bellows, is located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Several employees and customers of the club first discovered Odom. As you can see from TMZ's video, security personnel burst into the room trying to help, and Odom seemed to be in a coma.</p>
<p>The source who provided the video revealed that he had seen Odom drinking for hours before Odom came to power.</p>
<p>In 2015, Odom had been killed in a brothel for taking excessive drugs.</p>
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