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<p>BRAS AND STRIPESMeet the Donald Trump-loving ‘combat barbie’ who’s served as US marine for seven years and loves posing in patriotic </p>
<p>Sgt Rianna Conner, also known as "Combat Barbie" served in the US Marine Corps for close to 7 years and is now using her internet  fame to support the President.</p>
<p>The all American beauty has been delighting her 143k Instagram followers with sexy  pictures of herself in and out of uniform.</p>
<p>The California farm girl, now based in South Carolina, is often pictured wearing tiny Stars and Stripes bikinis emblazoned with the American flag.</p>
<p>The blonde bombshell is an unapologetic patriot dedicated to the American way of life.</p>
<p>She frequently posts inspirational messages of support for her fellow countrymen, especially her brothers and sisters in the forces.</p>
<p>Describing herself as “a woman's woman” and a “faithful friend” she tells her fans on Instagram: “I won't run off with your man. I won't hate you because you're beautiful.</p>
<p>"I won't put you down. I'll tell you if there is lipstick on your teeth. I'll celebrate your success as my own.</p>
<p>"I'll keep your secrets. I'll fiercely defend you. I'll laugh with you and cry with you.</p>
<p>"I will tell you hard truths with love. I'll listen to your rants, and you tell the same stories over and over again.</p>
<p>"I choose my friends carefully. And if I choose you, I will love you like a sister.”</p>
<p>In another inspirational post she adds “I'm not perfect. I've got lots of bruises on my body from work, sometimes I laugh obnoxiously loud, I suck at staying hydrated, I've got some messed up tattoos.</p>
<p>"It's taken 20 or so years of my life to finally love and accept myself for everything that I am.</p>
<p>"Just as I have some bad qualities, I've also got some pretty great ones.</p>
<p>"Health is not just about what you're eating or what exercises you're doing, but it's also about what you're thinking and saying.</p>
<p>"Love yourself first, and everything else will fall into place. "You, yourself, more than anyone else, deserve your love and affection.”</p>
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